“Authentic Expression Creates Genuine Connection”



We believe authentic expression creates genuine connection and that we grow from hearing and being heard.

Our goal is to build an active and supportive community for all who share a desire for engagement centered around openness, togetherness, respect and positivity.

ECHT is an artist collective that aims to create an environment where artists and audience are equal parts of the shared experience.  In the distracted age of social media, in a country deeply divided, in an increasingly solitary world, we provide resources and opportunities to artists in an effort to cultivate an open and supportive space for all those willing to breathe, open, listen and enjoy.


“We Grow from Hearing and Being Heard”


Why “ECHT”?

ECHT began like any creative project. There was a need, and from that need came an idea and the willingness to act upon it. If this experience has taught us anything it is the immense power of goals and deadlines.

“We have so many talented friends who don’t get to do what they love often enough. Let’s just make it happen ourselves.”

During the summer of 2015 ECHT was born in the backyard of Ben and Paul’s Bed Stuy apartment known affectionately as Happy Carcosa. We’d spent so long focusing on the show, the setup, the publicity… “but what should we be called?”

Preliminary scribbles on our chalkboard wall elicited Happy Carcosa Tribe - or HCT. Our friend saw this and likened these letters to another word he knew: echt, a German word meaning “authentic, real”.

Every discussion we’d had about our reason for doing this was to bring good people together and share in an experience – to live in the present moment, the only thing that’s real.

This was it. This is who we are.

Over time we realized our serendipitous name lent itself effortlessly to defining the tenets we hold most valuable: Expression, Connection, Humanity, Truth.

ECHT started as an idea. It became a mission. Now all of us can say, we are ECHT.

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